Timber Pergolas Adelaide – The Best Timber for Your New Pergola

As Australians become more charmed with alfresco living, timber suppliers are providing quality timbers for a lot more pergolas than the previous years. Pergolas were formerly known as an outdoor structure that provides shade for walkways. It also provides a structure for growing plants like vines to climb across the sidewalk. A pergola dates back in 1645 Rome where it was first mentioned. That means timber pergolas Adelaide have been around for as long as anyone can remember.

Pergolas are still prevalent as a classic look on any property. However, nowadays it’s often used to turn a deck or a patio into an alfresco living area. Pergolas are from different materials. There’s steel, PVC, composites, and more! However, the most attractive pergola is built from timber. Pergolas made of high-quality wood seamlessly transition into any natural setting, whether it’s an alfresco living area or a garden. In this article, we’re going to show you how to choose the best timber for your new pergola.

How To Choose The Best Timber?

The ideal timber that you’re going to choose for your pergola will depend highly on your taste. Any hardwood will fit perfectly to your pergola project. So, it all goes down to personal preference. Class one hardwoods have a ranting of 25 years for durability. Class two, on the other hand, are rated at 15 years. Different woods also have different all-natural organic colours. You can stain or paint them to your liking.

Most people prefer a more natural look by not covering their timber wood with stain or paint. With that said, here are a few of the best hardwoods you can choose from:

  • Ironbark: The Ironbark is a red-shaded timber wood with a respectable durability rating of five.
  • Kwila/Merbau: The Kwila, also called Merbau, is a brownish timber wood with a durability rating of seven.
  • Bubble Gum: The bubble gum is like a mixed candy machine. It features a combination of all-natural colours and has a durability rating of six.
  • Blackbutt: The Blackbutt is a blonde-coloured timber wood with a durability rating of 11.

There’s also a combination of timber wood. It is referred to as mixed hardwoods, and it offers high structural strength since it is made from various timbers with high durability ratings. For more information on this one, you can visit our official website.

Choose Timber Pergolas

Timber pergolas Adelaide is one of the best variants of this fantastic outdoor structure. We want you to achieve the full pergola experience. Call us today, and we’ll build you the best pergola ever.