The Official Silage Wrap Specification: How Does It Differ from Other Baling Products?

When baling hay silage and hay, it’s essential to note what specifications of bale-wrap – or film – you’re going to use. That way, you will know what type of wrap you’re going to purchase from – silage wrap. While it is a standard product that most farmers and ranch owners buy, silage wraps aren’t always useful when you overlook the importance of specification. While the ‘standard’ 750mm x 1,500m rolls are among the most commonly used variants, there are also alternatives that you may want to try. But are these alternatives worth your consideration? Let’s find out.


The Importance of Specification


Most amateur balers tend to purchase a product and proceed to use it for all of their baling work. While there’s nothing wrong with patronising a single baling product, you should also take note that a set of bales need a length, material, and type of baling product. That’s why specifications are essential as not only will it guarantee a successful baling process but will also ensure lesser baling losses.



Longer or Shorter Rolls?


When it comes to baling there’s also that all-important choice of going for longer or shorter rolls. However, while each has its strengths and weaknesses, you should also keep in mind that the type of roll needed will also depend on the baling product that you use. If you’re going for the traditional baling twine, then you should go for more rolls as you’ll typically spend twenty to thirty turns before you can fully wrap a single bale. On the other hand, other products require fewer turns.


A good example is a net wrap, which only requires one to two turns for you to fully wrap a single bale. That also means you can save time by using the net wrap. However, again, it all goes down to personal preference. So, if you want to use a traditional twine, no one’s stopping you from doing so.


So, to recap, bale wrapping is all about specifications. If you want to get the best wraps, you should buy from – silage wrap. Together with the ever-reliable net wrap, it is our best seller. However, you should always pay attention to the specification of your current baling job. That way, you will know the demand and will be able to determine which type of bale you’re going to use. For more information, visit our website today.