The Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets have become the most talked about item these past few years due to the numerous benefits they offer. You know for a fact that blankets allow millions of people to sleep comfortably, but a weighted blanket provides more than just comfort.


Weighted blankets can be found anywhere in the world since it is an effective way to help someone sleep better. Plus, it can be your favourite fuzzy blanket, sweatshirt or cup of tea which allows you to curl up and relax after a very tiring day from work. Therefore, if you are having trouble sleeping at night or want to have relief from the anxiety you constantly feel try a scientifically proven and comfort item like a queen size weighted blanket Australia.


The latest favourite self-care product everyone wants to try is weighted blankets. It is a comfort item that is widely available in local stores as well as in online shops but always makes sure to purchase on trusted companies only. Many people including psychiatrist and therapists have widely praised weighted blankets because of the benefits it provides to the overall health of an individual including the reduction of stress.



As mentioned earlier, weighted blankets effectively help in treating or minimising different health issues and chronic conditions. Experts agree that weighted blankets may provide sounder sleep, reducing the feelings of anxiety including ADHD and ADD symptoms. Not only that but it also helps lessen the symptoms of PTSD, cerebral palsy, and relentless leg syndrome, including insomnia.


Are you wondering how this blanket will make a difference? Well, it can simply imitate the warm feeling of being hugged by someone which is considered as comforting for many people. These magical blankets work by applying additional pressure to the body which triggers the release of more dopamine and serotonin chemicals that are responsible for improving the mood. Its added weight also helps someone to sleep longer and better. The concept of taking advantage of a queen size weighted blanket Australia is to provide a sense of calmness and keep both the body and mind at ease. It effectively reduces the stress level of the body so that you can sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.


Experts highly recommend that the weighted blanket you must use should be roughly 10 per cent of your overall body weight since too much can cause suffocation or smothering, most especially to kids. If you are unable to roll over within your weighted blanket and somehow feels like being trapped, it would be best to find another one that is a bit lighter. Remember that providing your comfort is the primary reason why you should be interested in a weighted blanket. But if you sleep with someone by your side like your spouse or partner, then it is best that you make sure that each of you has a separate blanket so that you can fully enjoy its comfort.