Appreciating the Value of Professional Rigging

You attended either a concert event or a theatre presentation for at least once in your life. If so, then surely you have seen all the equipment and stuff that is hanging right above the stage. Lighting, sound systems, and decors are among that equipment that is securely attached above. The idea is to ensure that the stage will not contain any stuff that could put the safety of all the performers at risk by tripping resulting in injuries. Another purpose of hanging the necessary stuff is to make the stage much more presentable as much as possible through making it clutter free. In short, the stage must be as open and vacant as possible so that all the performers can move freely without hesitations and area restrictions.


If you think that hanging all the necessary stuff needed for the success of your event is only a simple and straightforward task, well the truth is it isn’t. – event rigging is the right term for an act of hanging equipment. If you organise events as a source of living, undeniably, you are entirely well-aware about the job and the value of getting professional rigging.



The process of both holding and positioning items in the correct place to accomplish specific requirements and purposes is known as rigging. Lighting, audio, video, and drapes are only some of the things which are placed hanging on the ceiling or wall to achieve clearer stage visibility. Most of the time, there are also other projects where items also need to be suspended in the air or attached to the wall like aerial performances, lifting equipment, PR stunts and cars which significantly requires professional rigging.


Moreover, flown rigging is when organisers attach equipment to the structure of the venue. Normally, before the equipment is hanged to the ceiling, it is assembled first on the ground. Flown rigging is done using chains of lifting hoists that are clipped into the roof while the lifting mechanism is fixed to the ground. Speakers, truss, lighting, décor, set, video and graphics are some examples of that equipment. Once it is completely assembled and the equipment is tested and calibrated accordingly, it will be flown into the air right to its designated position right after. Plus, if you are worried about the safety of other people and your own, don’t worry! Because each of the rigging equipment features safety bonds attached, so there is no room for unfavourable situations.


Rigging promotes not only safety but also proper organisation. If your event features rigged items, it will surely have ground supports to hold them for a specific production. In – event rigging, ground supports are typically made from aluminium truss systems that usually have vertical legs and some form of a grid.